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Bird Brand Complete Wood Protector


Complete Wood PROTECTOR is a solvent based wood treatment that protects external timbers using a similar formulation to our the first generation of the Bird Brand Complete Wood Preserver.

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COMPLETE WOOD PROTECTOR is compatible with the new and previous Bird Brand Wood Preserver (New=Bird Brand Complete+ Superior).
The finish on rough sawn timber is also identical the Complete Wood Preservers.
The dry film biocide ingredients within Complete Wood PROTECTOR help protect the finish against fungal growth and discolouration.
Complete Wood PROTECTOR is Solvent based for high penetration and also contains UV resisting pigments.
Available in 8 colours including Clear (Clear contains much less wax to allow for easier over-painting).
Can be brush or spray applied.


25L, 5L


Dark Brown, Forest Green, Golden Brown, Red Cedar


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