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Quickfix Lawn Seed 1.5Kg


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Johnsons Quick fix Lawn Seed is great for any lawn all year round.

Ideal for patching or sowing new lawns and is specially designed for lawns with high traffic areas.

The species used is fine leaved Amenity Dwarf Perennial Ryegrass with Green Lawn Technology, blended with Growmore, NPK 7-7-7 fertiliser.

For great results, sow between March and October and we recommend thorough ground preparation. With the right conditions, your new lawn should become well established within six to eight weeks.

Available in different sizes, simply select the carton that meets your requirements:

  • 5kg carton (JFIX2X5): covers up to 143m
  • 1.5kg carton (JFIX1.5): covers up to 43m
  • 500g carton (JFIX500): covers up to 14m

Main features:

  • QUICK fix Lawn Seed
  • Growmore, NPK 7-7-7 fertiliser and Amenity Dwarf Perennial Ryegrass
  • Seed & feed in one
  • Contains fertiliser
  • For high traffic areas
  • With Green Lawn Technology
  • Resistance to wear & tear
  • Fast establishment
  • Resealable carton box (shake well before use)
  • Contains fertiliser: not for use near ponds & watercourses
  • Measurements & dimensions are approximate


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